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Project Runway at NY Fashion Week September 11, 2010

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As the season aired on Lifetime, there were ten Project Runway designers remaining on the show as Fashion Week arrived. All ten showed on Thursday– seven decoy collections, along with the three actual finalists, which will not be revealed until the finale airs on October 28th. Only the three finalists’ collections will air on the finale, so you can wait until then if you do not want any spoilers, or you can check out all of the collections here now!

To my disappointment, nothing really blew me away like season 4 winner Christian Siriano’s collection did. But I do like Mondo and Andy, so I am hoping they made it to the finals. While Mondo and I do not share the same style, I like his collection enough to want to buy some of the separates! With Andy, I am not so sure about the green he chose, and some of his designs are a little restrained, but I think he is very talented and I love almost everything I have seen on the show from him. I also like Ivy’s very wearable collection (even though I’m not a big fan of what I have seen on the show so far, in terms of her designs AND attitude). I like April’s collection as well, although I am not so sure about the drab color choices. The two-time winner (so far) Gretchen disappoints (I haven’t really been a fan of her style anyways). I’m not so sure about Valerie’s Skittles color palette either! Anyways, check out the collections for yourself by clicking on the designer’s name:

Michael CostelloGretchen JonesMondo GuerraAndy SouthCasanova (out Sept. 9th)Michale Drummond (out Sept.16th)Ivy Higa (out Sept. 23rd)Valerie Mayen (out Sept. 30th)Christopher Collins (out Oct. 7th)April Johnston (out Oct. 14th)


Chan Luu Wrap Bracelets September 3, 2010

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I was recently browsing through Banana republic and saw that they had collaborated with jewelry designer Chan Luu to recreate

Chan Luu Rose Gold Nugget Wrap Bracelet ($220)

some of his signature wrap bracelets! Great idea, except for the fact that the Banana Republic bracelet online is almost the same price as the ones that Chan Luu has been selling on his website for awhile (BR-$210, Chan Luu-$22o for a similar one). I love these bracelets but can’t fathom spending that much on them! Which is why I am glad that Club Monaco came up with some Chan Luu knockoffs last year (which they still sell in stores) for only $29! That may still be a little much for some to spend on a bracelet, but let me tell you, I wear this bracelet practically everyday, during the day to work and at night when I go out on the town. They come in a variety of colors at Club Monaco and I have gotten so many compliments, many from guys actually!

Club Monaco Wrap Bracelets ($29-in stores)

Banana Republic Chan Luu Coil Wrap Bracelet ($210)

Club Monaco Wrap Bracelet ($29-in stores)


It’s Sweater Time!

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Time to start stocking up on some sweaters for the fall! Up here, the weather has been all over the place the last month. We’ve had a heat wave the last three days, and should be expecting highs in the low sixties this weekend 😦 So last weekend, equipped with a 30% off coupon at Gap, Old Navy and Banana Republic, I decided to get some sweater shopping done!

Amongst the many sweaters I got, two of my favorite sweaters are the Gap Vintage Cardigan . I got one in black and one in the vineyard color (a great color for the fall!). I  was looking for some classic cardigans that will never go out of style, and these fit the bill! Not too long and slouchy like boyfriend cardigans, nor is it too short like cropped cardigans. The sweater hits me perfectly (I’m 5’7″) and I could see myself wearing this with dresses as I transition from summer to fall, and with pants when it gets colder outside. I also love the fabric. It’s a silk blend and can be casual or dressed up.

Now I know what you’re thinking: “a sweater from Gap? how interesting!”. Yes, it may not be high fashion or anything, but I always get excited when I find a wardrobe staple that I know will never go out of style. It happens to be on sale right now too (most colors are on sale from $24.99-$29.99)! I usually invest a lot more on the basics because I know they will get a lot of mileage.  But I found this GAP sweater is built well with a rich and versatile fabric and it was exactly what I was looking for.