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Fried Beer: Yummy! September 15, 2010

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Fried Beer

Saw this article on a chef who successfully figured out a way to deep-fry beer.

Fried Butter

When I told my roommate about this, her first reaction was to grab her stomach and making a gagging sound, the same reaction she had when I told her about how I tried fried butter and fried Oreos at another fair. Don’t knock it until you try it! That’s my mantra after first being skeptical about the butter and Oreos, and then loving them after tasting! I expected the fried butter to be a solid block of butter surrounded by fried batter, but it ended up being hollow and tasting more like a buttery croissant (which is yummy in my book). The fried Oreos were great because I love fried stuff and I love Oreos…simple as that. Oh and all of this fried stuff is served deliciously warm! But I have to say, while yummy, I could only handle a couple fried butter balls….same goes for the Oreos. I know not to overdo it…or my opinion might change! I love beer too, so I’m intrigued to taste this unique concoction. Here’s to hoping I can find some fried beer near me!

Btw, check out this cute video of a little kid dancing up a storm after trying fried butter (around the 0:20 second mark).


Not-So-Forbidden Rice September 3, 2010

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Black rice

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I first tried black rice (aka forbidden rice) at the salad bar at Whole Foods and was amazed at how good it was! It has a nutty taste and isn’t as soft as most types of white rice, which I like. I came home and googled black rice to find that it has many nutritional benefits. It is a good source of iron, fiber and according to a recent study, high in antioxidants as well.

So I decided to pick up my own black rice to cook at home: Lundberg Black Japonica. I took it home, hungry and eager to have a quick meal. Well, little did I know that it takes about 50 minutes to cook!!! I cooked the rice in vegetable broth to give it some flavor. Meanwhile, I cut up and sautéed some vegetables, including broccoli, carrots, bell peppers, corn, green beans and mushrooms (whatever I happened to have in the apartment).  In the end, all of that waiting was worth it! A healthy, and satisfying meal it was!

A couple of days later, I decided to try something new with the black rice. Cooked it in regular water, added a little coconut cream after it was cooked, sprinkled it with some coconut flakes, and topped it with lots of edamame! So good and soo easy! That’s what I’m all about. This twenty-something likes simple, quick and easy to cook recipes that don’t require very many ingredients. Being single and usually just cooking for myself, food goes bad easily. Also, I don’t have very much room in my apartment to keep a lot of ingredients around! I am sure I could have added more ingredients to spice up these black rice recipes, but I actually enjoyed the simplicity (harder to mess up too!). Oh and my mom brought over her pressure cooker, which cut the cooking time for the rice in half!

I definitely recommend trying out black rice if you are looking to add some different healthy whole grains into your diet! The Lundberg Black Japonica is gluten-free and vegan too! Black rice is definitely more pricey than white rice, but high in nutritional value and you get a lot of meals out of one packet (about nine servings per container with the Lundberg 1lb). I also found some dessert recipes using black rice  that I’m eager to try. They include fruits such as mangoes and lychees and many recipes for black rice pudding. You can find black rice in health food/Asian stores, or the health/asian section of grocery stores.